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GPS Geodetical Reference Frame Net AREF1

As chairman of the GPS-Work Cooperation for Surveying Dipl.-Ing. Ahrer was responsable for the origination of a highly accurate GPS Geodetical Reference Frame for Austria. The surveying and computation was done starting in June of 1996 and ending in Mai of 1997.
Total costs: between 35 - 40 million Schilling (2.5 - 2.9 million Euro).
Specialties: seen in the abbreviated statement of the GPS-Work Cooperation for Surveying brief denotation AREF1 1996 - GPS-Geodetical Reference Frame
Performance: constraint-free Network of control stations 
Owner: GPS-Work Cooperation for Surveying 
Function: Chairman
Completion: 1997
Specialties: Conception and origination of a homogeneous GPS-Geodetical Reference Frame of highest accuracy for Austria as a basis for further compactions and DGPS-applications.

BA9 Phyrnautobahn (Phyrn-freeway) Baulos Micheldorf

Performance: Terrestrial field surveying, coded location- and contour maps and border surveyings before the building project started. 
Owner: ÖSAG
Function: Chairman 
Completion: 1997
Total costs: ca. 2.5 million
Specialties: The operations covered the cadaster survey for the entire Baulos (5.5 km) including the origination of a precision polygon traverse and terrain survey 1:1000 in the axis area and addition of the terrain survey through a photogrammatrical evaluation 200 m to the right and to the left of the axis as well as marking out. 

Digital city map of Vienna

Performance: coded location- and contour maps 
Owner: Magistrate Vienna
Completion: 1982-1995
Specialties: The surveyings and calculations for the digital city map of Vienna were done by the office Ahrer - Haydinger based on captive software. For that project a captive coding scheme was designed. This coding scheme allows a direct data flow from an input field to a CAD workarea and a following object orientated saving in a database.

Innkreisautobahn (Innkreis-freeway)

Performance: Terrestrial field surveying, border surveying in before and after building sanctions.
Owner: OÖ Landesbaudirektion (Upper Austrian Regional Building Head Office)
Network of static fiducial points surveyings: Dipl.-Ing. Ahrer

ÖBB Westbahnstrecke (West-trail-route)

ÖBB Westbahnstrecke from km 287 to km 301 Neumarkt/Köstendorf - Seekirchen/Mattsee
Performance: constraint-free Network of static fiducial points 
Owner: ÖBB Planing and Engineering Dipl.-Ing. Eder
Function: Management 
Completion: June 1997
Specialties: For the Planning and Engeeniering department of the ÖBB an origination for a constraint-free network of static fiducial points with the inclusion of the network used and the near surveying geodetical reference points, a network of static fiducial points with an average distance of 500 to 700 m in an area of 14 km was established. 

Mühlviertler Bundesstraße (highway) B310 - Tunnel Neumarkt

Performance: geotechnical surveyings
Owner: Upper Austria
Function: Management
Completion: December of 2001
Specialties: For the bureau for special constructions of the Upper Austrian provincial government all surveying performances including all geotechnical data captures (shock-measurements,extensionmeter-measurements,convergence-surveyings) were performed. 

Westautobahn (West-freeway) A1 - Datawire (total length 154km)

Performance: Wire and pipeline route planning and surveying
Owner: Siemens AG
Function: Management
Completion: July of 2001
Specialties: Planing of the wire and pipeline-route under consideration of the topography, property propotions, etc. up to the offical license, selection of the kind of layings, constuction supervision at wire and pipeline layings, surrender to the client

Mercedes-factory Sindelfingen (Germany)

Performance: Precision surveyings for the construction of a robot production line
Owner: Mercedes Benz AG
Function: Management
Completion: January of 2000
Specialties: Precision surveyings (location and contour) in areas of milimeters for the construction of an ultra-modern production line.

Spitz GesmbH (Spitz Corporation) - Attnang Puchheim

Performance: Surveying of the industry-facilities
Owner: Spitz GesmbH
Function: Management
Completion: ongoing
Specialties: Establishment of all surveyings for reconstructions and expansions

ÖBB - Bahnhofsoffensive Hauptbahnhof Linz (Trainstation-push Maintrainstation Linz)

Performance: verifying engineering  
Owner: ÖBB
Function: Management
Completion: ongoing
Specialties: Inspection and supervision of the construction progress; Observance of construction guidelines (tolerances); Coordination of different construction-projects.